How Freda, a data quality platform can make your job easier?
3 min readJun 3, 2022


Every business decision is based on the data you collect, but have you ever stopped to consider whether the information you rely on is accurate? Valid? Only a few businesses do so. The others make incorrect forecasts based on outdated data and begin chasing the wrong customer. According to IDC, in this rapidly evolving technology-driven world, the amount of data created in the next three years will exceed all data produced in the previous 30 years. Massive data growth means that your company’s information becomes obsolete by every minute.

Access to high-quality data has become a business requirement in today’s customer-centric world. Data quality significantly impacts everything, from operational efficiency to business productivity to customer satisfaction. According to Gartner, poor data quality is responsible for an annual loss of $15 million. If you’re looking for trusted data, has you covered with Freda’s user-friendly platform.

Access 95% accurate data with an intuitive data quality platform

Making business decisions based on poor quality data is akin to flying blind. However, when you align data quality with marketing campaigns, the revenue potential is limitless, which Freda can help you achieve. Our AI-powered platform detects data quality issues and delivers precise and validated data in minutes.

You no longer need to worry about doing a lot of coding or spending millions of dollars hiring the right technical expertise; all you need is to sign up with us to achieve high-quality data. You can access any data you need in a simple click-and-point fashion, such as company information, social presence, financials, products & services, competitor information, and many more, simply by selecting the attributes of your choice. Schedule the workflows and allow your BI team to focus on other strategic tasks while we instantly fetch, clean, and validate your data at an affordable cost.

Grow your business with Freda

If you are still using outdated data, it is time to start investing in powerful data quality platforms. Poor quality data are one of the expensive mistakes your businesses can’t afford. At, with our 18+years of technical expertise, ensure that all your data quality issues are resolved in a flash. Check out how we addressed one of our renowned client’s data quality challenges and validated and maintained the data quality of 10 million records in less than two days.

You no longer have to be concerned about missing out on a customer, competitor, or a new market trend. Freda will be your go-to platform as it is simple to use, affordable, and employs cutting-edge technologies. Take a free demo with us today to become future-ready with the correct data!

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