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4 min readOct 18, 2020

Research says that despite the economic pressure by the global pandemic COVID-19, there is a high expectancy in the growth of process automation in companies. From sales to human resources, every department can use a degree of automation to make their work easier and more efficient. Whether you’re a small and medium business or an enterprise, if you’re working with some degree of data, you can’t ignore the need for automation in your business.

A McKinsey research report says that almost 30% of work hours could be automated by the end of 2030, depending on the adoption speed. Nowadays, there’s an increasing number of organizations looking for automation to remove those repetitive tasks off the plate.

Process automation that automates anything

Automation, as we all know already, automates any repetitive tasks. Be it managing customer relationships, human resource functions like payroll and finance, or even marketing campaigns, it integrates functions across the company and saves time. Here are a couple of examples of the benefits of automation that helps across different departments.

  • Customer service — Your company’s customer service — good or not, can leave a lasting impression on your customers. In a lot of cases, it can determine whether a customer chooses to continue doing business with you or not. Automated emails or well-designed chatbots powered by Machine Learning can give you significant leverage in this case. Not only do they ensure that customers are being responded to in real-time, but they also make sure you save time by getting more done.
  • Sales and Marketing — Automation in sales and marketing is much important and helpful for any business. When a marketing/sales department adopts automation, the company is expected to boost rapidly. Imagine having a fully automated email marketing workflow that sends out introductory emails to website visitors, do timely follow-ups with potential leads, and even send out personalized coupon codes when you know a customer is about to convert? Automation can do wonders for sales and marketing teams, aligning them to each other, and the needs of the customer in one go.

These are just a couple of examples. However, automation can complete even more high-end tasks with a more advanced form of automation that requires a little bit of adaptability, for example, an HR department that deals with employees.

The process that the HR department does while integrating a new employee to the company consumes a lot of time, and what happens when it is automated? The role, position, and department are automatically updated to the employee. Other HR works like evaluation, mapping benefits, etc can be automated without any error and can help the organization and the employees in a great way.

How automation benefits your business?

There are numerous ways in which you can benefit from automation.

  • Increases productivity by avoiding manual work
  • Improves efficiency of the processes and compliance
  • Improves quality by avoiding manual errors
  • Improves transparency in handling data

A business process automation tool, thus, ultimately helps your business grow in all aspects.

Why and how to choose an automation tool for your business?

Choosing the right automation tool for your tech stack is a lot like building one of the pillars in your home. This is why you must consider multiple factors while selecting the right automation tool.

  • Consider the budget
  • Check for a free trial version before you jump into the conclusion
  • Make sure if you are looking for a tool for a particular project or in general
  • Check the learning curve of the tool
  • Make sure the tool is user friendly
  • Check if you can integrate the tool with your entire tech stack
  • Go through the customizations and specifications of the tool

With all the factors of considering the right automation tool for your business, we at have Mojo, our configurable workflow platform, that enables seamless productivity with automation. The customizable features, like handling any document format, cognitive process automation, secure access, and cloud-hosted managed services, will empower your business to achieve productivity goals like never before.

Why wait?

With Mojo’s workflow automation, your work is automated with human decision processes along with its back end engine to cater to your business needs. We offer tailored and customized solutions across industries to accelerate your data-quality and business.

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